An attractive, full-featured website is really just the start of your digital marketing strategy. As with a car, the exterior may be beautifully designed with the latest features, but unless there’s an engine to power it, it’s not going take you where you want to go. a2082aac-c841-4241-a0ba-9cc91685935e

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.) delivers customers to your website via Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) — which includes blogs, newsletters or any other website copy that helps rank your website higher in search engine results; and Pay-Per-Click ads (P.P.C.) — paying a set amount each month for key search words or terms that will enable your business to appear at the top of the “Sponsored Ads” section of a search page.

Traditional forms of advertising (print media, billboards, fliers and radio/TV commercials) have been until recently the top methods used to inform the public about brands, products, and services. Whereas those methods cast a wide net in hopes to get the attention of a percentage of consumers, S.E.M. personally engages with consumers who have specifically indicated interest in a type of product or service. S.E.M. interacts with customers in their own environment (laptop, smartphone, etc.) where they’re more likely to pay attention to marketing and advertising messages. Digital marketing does way more than any traditional method alone can do, and it costs less comparatively.

Additionally, S.E.M actually helps you turn website leads into sales, by providing you with intelligence about a visitor when he/she is on your website. You will learn what pages on your site your visitor is reading and, conversely, which pages they’re not. You can find out the region in which they live, how many times they visit your site and much more. All of this information allows you to target your advertising and marketing messages to the right audience. With S.E.M. it’s about quality not quantity.  Think about it: would you rather have 50 general inquiries about your product, or 15 people ready to purchase it.

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