Every company is unique and is managing through a specifc business phase or lifecycle. Below are just a few services we offer that will help start the conversation on how to move your company to the next level:
  • Free One-Hour Phone Consultation

    This first step will help determine where you are and where you want to be in the next year and beyond. We’ll identify your current goals and challenges and discuss next steps.

  • Focused Action Plan / Strategy Sessions

    I will meet with you and/or your key staff members to learn more about your current business environment and expectations for the next 1 – 3 years. We’ll develop an attainable plan based on your budget that will help achieve your targeted goals.

    Follow up Strategy Sessions will be put in place to gauge success, challenges, results and next steps.

  • Brand Development and Target Market Identification

    Do your customers know the Who, What, Where, When and Why of your company? Determine your company’s personality (for example: innovative, trusted, altruistic, family-friendly) to communicate your marketing, advertising and public relations messages clearly and consistently. Next we’ll identify your target market so that the right messages are reaching the right audience in the right medium.

  • Risk Management

    What systems do you have in place in the event of employee theft, credit card hackers, computer system crashing and more? We’ll create a proactive plan to minimize, manage or eliminate the problem before it occurs.

  • Marketing Plan

    Be proactive and stay competitive by developing a marketing plan for business growth and increased profits. The best plan includes products/ services marketplace analysis, SWOT analysis and plan, competitive overview, product development, pricing, advertising, promotions, publicity, sales, customer service strategies and budgets.

  • Responsive Website Development and Digital Marketing Programs

    Your website must reflect your brand and provide the right image, message and information. This must be communicated all while showcasing your product/services to your target market. If you need a new website or if you’re not getting the results you expect from your current digital strategies, call me to review a range of options that will work within your budget.

  • Other Services

    Mission and Vision Statements * Sales Team Training * SWOT-PEST-SOAR Analyses * Start-up Business Troubleshooting * Business & Marketing Plan Review * Collateral Materials * Marketing and Advertising Copy.